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Basic Couple
  • Basic Couple
  • Basic Couple
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Basic Couple

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
One-time purchase
Pareja Básico
$460.00every month for 12 months
Básico Semanal
$110.00every week for 52 weeks

Lodging for 2 adults, 3 days 2 nights in any destination in the Mexican Republic, in hotels of up to 4 stars in high or low season.


Booking 30 days in advance of your trip date.


May include complimentary breakfast 
(Buffet type, American or continental) 
for two.

  • Remember that if you use the subscription, you can use the package until the last payment of it.

  • Concept of the purchase of a package that includes: 3 days 2 nights of lodging in a 3 or 4 star hotel, corresponding to the chosen destination and assigned hotel. The variables of each package are described below depending on the purchased basic couple 2 adults, basic family 2 adults and two children up to 11 years old, includes only lodging and in some cases buffet, American or continental breakfast only for adults. Full couple 2 adults and full family 2 adults and two children up to 5 years old in the full package includes lodging, unlimited national drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, non-motorized activities, night show; In any of the two packages, if any of the minors exceeds the age described above, they will have an extra cost depending on the rate assigned by Summer Travel.


    The validity of the package will be one year and six months from the date of contracting, it being understood that after this date, the acquirer will be subject to the rates  and regulations that are in force at the time of travel, and, even so, the promoter is not obliged to provide the service, since the package will lose its validity, for having completed the year and a half of its validity.


    The amount stipulated for each package covers the mentioned benefits in any season of the year; not omitting to state that it is understood between the parties and by mutual agreement that from December 16 to January 08 of each year, they are exempt, and in the holiday periods of Holy Week, Easter and summer, as well as bridges will be necessary request your reservation 2 months in advance and the reservation will be subject to availability according to the policies of the agreement hotels and if the reservation is granted, it will be subject to the rates and conditions in number of nights that the assigned hotel and chosen destination mark because it is high season, if the start of your reservation process is made outside the stipulated times, it will not apply for any reason in high season.


    The total amount of the cost of the package is settled under the concept of discounts for electronic banking or direct debit payments, through a debit or credit card in the period and amount identified in Annex 1 (the information received  The purchaser's credit or debit card is protected and operated by our PayU payment platform.  the three security digits of the card for customer security, being understood by both parties, that under this concept the purchaser may use his package when he has covered 80% of the total value of the package and his payments are up to date in its entirety, otherwise, you will lose this benefit and 100% must be covered  of the cost of your package.


    The acquirer is obliged to reserve  30 days in advance in low season and 60 days in high season for the use of your package, for such a situation the promoter will have to verify the corresponding documentation that guarantees payments of 80% of the total cost of the vacation package, to make said payment effective. service, forcing you to send the complete data of your trip as well as the official identification of the purchaser, a signed promissory note for the remaining amount of the contracted package in the corresponding format issued by the promoter to the following email:

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